Milestones: 0-3 Months

  • Date Posted:  February 29th, 2012
  • Category:  0-3 Months

Is baby developing normally?  How do I know?  These are common concerns for first time parents.  Below are some of the things that health care professionals look at when they are evaluating a newborn’s development.  It’s important to remember that every baby is different and while most babies will reach these milestones by the end of the third month some babies are faster while others may be slower.   If you have concerns about how your baby seems to be progressing discuss it with your doctor at your next visit.

Over All Growth:

  • Baby is gaining weight steadily
  • Baby’s head circumference is increasing at an appropriate rate

If  your baby does not seem to be gaining weight or is losing weight you should contact your health care provider.

Motor Skills:

  • Rolls from front to back
  • Holds head steady when in an upright position
  • Raises head when on stomach
  • Stretches  out legs and kick when lying down
  • Brings hands to mouth
  • Brings hands together

Social/Language Skills:

  • Makes sounds – cooing
  • Smiles
  • Watches faces closely and trys to copy some expressions

Cognitive Skills

  • Recognizes Mom/Dad
  • Can track a moving object
  • Knows the scent of the primary caregiver
  • Search

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