Milestones: 3-6 Months

  • Date Posted:  March 9th, 2012
  • Category:  3-6 Months

Baby is growing and changing fast!   Thankfully most babies are starting to sleep through the night now and those smiles are becoming more and more frequent.  Baby is learning to communicate and has developed different cries for different needs.   By the end of the 6th month most babies are learning the  beginnings of language and  are on their way to exploring the world around them.  Let the baby-proofing begin.    As always babies are unique and each one develops new skills at his or her own rate.  It’s very normal for a baby to leap ahead in one area for a time and seem to be slower in others.  If you have concerns about how your baby is developing or if your baby seems to be behind in a few areas of development you should speak to your baby’s doctor.

Overall Growth:

  • Most babies double their birth weight around 4 months of age
  • Baby is gaining weight
  • Baby’s head is growing at an appropriate rate
  • Baby is growing in length

Motor Skills:

  • Rolls over in both directions
  • Plays with hands and feet
  • Reaches out to grasp a toy
  • Can bear some weight on feet
  • Holds head steady

Social and Language Skills:

  • Smiles and Laughs
  • Coos and makes sounds when spoken to
  • Trys to copy body movements and facial expressions

Cognitive Skills:

  • Recognizes people and faces
  • Tracks moving objects
  • Can distinguish between bold colours
  • Turns towards sounds, startles at unexpected or loud sounds

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