Milestones: 9-12 months

  • Date Posted:  April 1st, 2012
  • Category:  9-12 Months

By the end of the first year your little one will have gone from a helpless newborn to an independent toddler.  Your baby has come along way since he first came into the world.  Most babies will learn to walk around 12 months of age although some may start as early as 9 months while others take a few months longer.  By the end of the first year most babies have tripled their birth weight; grown on average 9-10 inches; and have brains that are 60% of their adult size.  In fact, baby has been growing at the fastest rate it will ever grow.  Now baby begins to grow more slowly, but the brain continues to  make new neural connections at a rate of 2 million per second!  As always, if you have any concerns or questions about your baby’s (and soon to be toddler’s) development be sure to discuss it with your healthcare provider.

Overall Growth:

  • Baby continues to grow and gain weight
  • Baby’s growth rate begins to slow

Motor Skills:

  • Waves and/or claps
  • Pulls self up and cruises along furniture
  • Stands either on own or holding on
  • Can sit from a  crawling position
  • Begins to use finger and thumb to grasp
  • Can feed self
  • May begin to take first steps

Social/Language Skills:

  • Says  “Mama” or “Dada” to correct person
  • Responds to own name
  • Copies the inflections of speech when babbling
  • Combines different syllables together
  • Cries when caregivers leave
  • Plays peekaboo or patty cake
  • Can express wants and needs using a combination of gestures and simple words

Cognitive Skills:

  • Imitates the activities of others in play
  • Remembers past events
  • Knows the names of objects, will look at an object when named
  • Starts to co-operate in getting dressed
  • May experience separation anxiety
  • Begins to show fear

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