Your Baby Is Amazing!


Did you know that newborns have more bones than adults?  That a baby in the womb can startle at a loud noise?  Or that your baby shares a birthday with around 9 million other people globally?  Below are some the the cool and amazing true facts about babies.

Babies still in the womb:

  • Research is finding that some fetuses prefer to suck one thumb over the other as early as 10 weeks gestation
  • Fingerprints as  unique as your baby appear at 3 months gestation
  • A fetus can hear and will startle at a loud noise
  • The fetus can respond to its mother’s moods by becoming more or less active
  • A bright light shone on the mother’s belly will cause the fetus to turn away from around 4 months gestation
  • From conception to birth your fetus has increased its weight, on average, 300 million times

Babies in the world:

  • A newborn has 300 bones when born that fuse together as it grows.    An adult has 206 bones.
  • Your baby doesn’t develop kneecaps until around 6 months of age
  • A newborn baby can recognize its mother’s voice and scent from birth
  • Your baby shares its birthday with about 9 million other people
  • Newborns can smell and hear as well, or better,  then you can
  • Babies are born with the ability to swim and hold their breath but quickly lose this instinct
  • A 6 month old baby can breath and swallow at the same time.  Adults can’t do this.
  • A newborn’s head makes up 25% of its total weight
  • Pound for pound babies are stronger than an ox
  • Research has shown that holding a baby not only makes an adult smile but actually makes them feel better
  • Babies are born with a unique cry that their mothers can recognize after only 3 days
  • Your baby’s brain is developing synapses at a rate of 2 million per second.   By age 2 that’s an average of 100 trillion synapses, 50% more then the average adult has.

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